Erotic for Ladies

  • The Way of the Godmother I 2010/10/06
    This story is under construction: My name is Mary Corleone. I am the granddaughter of Michael Corleone, the first-born daughter of Anthony Vito Corleone, Michael’s son. My aunt and my grandfather died …
  • Experienced pussy and young man… 2010/09/16
    The horny mature (experienced) Elke has acquired a young lover who properly equips her experienced cuntcave with male meat! Of course, that sexy pussy explored before with the tongue! < Eating Puss …
  • Pleasuring the King! 2010/09/15
  • Porn-Phantasy 2010/09/15
    If I invite a real photographer, to photograph me and the husband in imaginative games, then we have to show something special… < Couple – Special > …
  • An erected penis is better than no penis… 2010/09/15
    A nice young man! This photo session was a little moist and I had to rub my clit a little. The result: When the young man freed from his pants, stood his cock already powerful in the highest! < 25 …

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